Zach + Aly

These two were high school sweethearts and now they're the happiest, cutest married couple I know! If you were to look up the term "power couple," you'd probably find a photo of these two in the definition (okay, that was incredibly cheesy but also incredibly true). I have so much respect for these two both individually AND as a couple. They really are some of the kindest and genuine people you will ever meet.

We did their session down at Little Sahara, where Aly grew up going every year since she was a kid. Seeing the look of pure excitement on her face when we pulled into the parking lot was one of the best moments of the shoot, honestly.

We decided to do this shoot on Easter weekend and didn't really think through the consequences of that decision. The dunes are PACKED during easter weekend! What usually takes us an hour to an hour and a half to get down there took us nearly two and a half hours! There were several routine alcohol checkpoints as well as the line to get into the park itself was a mile long. I started to get so nervous because I didn't think we'd get to the sand with enough time to shoot. But God is a God of miracles and somehow we managed to fit a full two-hour session's worth of work into about thirty-forty minutes. Unreal.

We collaborated with the ever so talented Ambit Wedding Films for this shoot. The video they came up with is honestly the most beautiful work of film I've seen in a while. Check that video out HERE! (No, seriously, click that link.)