Utah Lake Styled Shoot

This shoot was hands-down one of my all-time favorite shoots! I got to work with extremely talented people such as Sheer Rose Design (whose work with flowers always leaves me in complete AWE) and Chandler from Days of Chandler blog. I adore getting to work with other creatives because it pushes me to my limits and helps me try new things! 

We shot out on the frozen Utah Lake-- it looked like it belonged in one of the star wars movies! There were little mounds of ice that had been built up and the lake was iced over enough for us to walk right out onto it (we weren't even worried). It had been a pretty overcast day, but the sun poked out from behind the clouds right when we started shooting and it created the perfect, golden haze. When everything comes together perfectly like it did for this shoot, it's impossible to NOT get beautiful images. Enjoy!