Corley + Arica

This pretty session took place just before the sun sunk behind the mountains in the distance. Its glorious, warm, golden light showered us with harsh perfection throughout this entire shoot. I used to be terrified of shooting in harsher light-- when I was younger, I had the idea stuck in my mind that ideal lighting conditions for shoots were overcast days. Now, however, I crave sunlight. It creates such magic behind the lens of the camera. Don't get me wrong, I love overcast days as well, but sunlight really encourages me to stretch myself and express myself creatively. The sun and I are friends.

The beautiful bouquet for this session was created by my talented friend, Ali, who is the talent behind Mauloa Florals. She created this entire arrangement from flowers she found in her backyard! And let me tell you, those blooms smelled fantastic. Make sure you take a gander at her work on instagram (@mauloaflorals)!