Styled Shoot | the Potted Pansy

There's something magical that happens when you've got a talented florist such as The Potted Pansy who creates something beautiful out of leftover blooms she has laying around. There is nothing I love more than being creatively challenged to create a shoot based entirely off of another creative's creation. Just a few hours after this lovely bouquet was placed in my hands, we had a model, a dress, and a horse all prepped and ready to go for the following morning. I love when beautiful things fall ever so perfectly into place.

We got up before the sun and raced to a lovely field where the light was still cold and blue because the sun hadn't touched it with its vibrant golden rays quite yet. We watched the sun rub sleep from its eyes and rise over the mountaintops, casting a glorious haze over everything in sight.

Our model, Jessie, was a total champ. At one point she was on a horse in a dress, barefoot, and holding a bouquet in one hand after not being on the back of a horse for over eight years. She looked incredible! Once the sun had risen, seeing Jessie on the horse was like seeing something straight out of a Disney movie. It was all so magnificent!

By the end of the shoot, we swapped out the horse and brought in Jessie's man, Kenny. The two of them are such a dreamy couple. I just stood back and let them be together, snapping photos the entire time. They were all smiles when they were together. 

This shoot is likely one of my favorites up to date. I had so much fun both taking and editing the photographs. It reminded me of all the reasons why I adore being a photographer.

Florals: the Potted Pansy | Models: Jessie + Kenny | Horse Trainer: Kaitlyn Gunther