Corbridge Family

This family is the epitome of an adorable, happy family. Those two little boys handled our session like champs! They'd smile and laugh every time they were tickled and promised to be on their very best behavior in exchange for swedish fish at the end of the session. I was fortunate enough to do a couple's session with the parents just a few weeks back, so it was an extra treat to be able to do a session for their entire family!

I'm always grateful for the opportunity to photograph people who are surrounded by their loved ones. It's something I hold near and dear to my heart. There's nothing more rewarding than documenting the love that is shared between individuals. 


Styled Shoot | the Potted Pansy

There's something magical that happens when you've got a talented florist such as The Potted Pansy who creates something beautiful out of leftover blooms she has laying around. There is nothing I love more than being creatively challenged to create a shoot based entirely off of another creative's creation. Just a few hours after this lovely bouquet was placed in my hands, we had a model, a dress, and a horse all prepped and ready to go for the following morning. I love when beautiful things fall ever so perfectly into place.

We got up before the sun and raced to a lovely field where the light was still cold and blue because the sun hadn't touched it with its vibrant golden rays quite yet. We watched the sun rub sleep from its eyes and rise over the mountaintops, casting a glorious haze over everything in sight.

Our model, Jessie, was a total champ. At one point she was on a horse in a dress, barefoot, and holding a bouquet in one hand after not being on the back of a horse for over eight years. She looked incredible! Once the sun had risen, seeing Jessie on the horse was like seeing something straight out of a Disney movie. It was all so magnificent!

By the end of the shoot, we swapped out the horse and brought in Jessie's man, Kenny. The two of them are such a dreamy couple. I just stood back and let them be together, snapping photos the entire time. They were all smiles when they were together. 

This shoot is likely one of my favorites up to date. I had so much fun both taking and editing the photographs. It reminded me of all the reasons why I adore being a photographer.

Florals: the Potted Pansy | Models: Jessie + Kenny | Horse Trainer: Kaitlyn Gunther

K.C. + Jordan

I met Jordan all the way back during spring break when we were both in high school YEARS and years ago. So, naturally, it was an absolute blast meeting up with her again to take photos of her and her sweet husband! These two will celebrate their second anniversary this fall and they're still just as giggly and happy as every newly-engaged couple I photograph. The love they share was so fun and playful which made my job behind the camera extremely easy.

The light for this session couldn't have been more perfect. The sun made a glorious appearance right at the beginning of the session before sinking behind the peaks of the mountains in the distance. As soon as the sun disappeared, there was a soft, cool light that was cast across the treetops. Simply breathtaking. I will always be a fan of photographing lovers in all the beautiful places Utah has to offer!



This pretty girl is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside. She has such a positive outlook on life and adds so much light to this world! This shoot was honestly so lovely. Dark, moody storm clouds loomed eerily overhead but the sun fought through the darkness and broke through the thick cloud cover to share her glorious, warm light with the world. It was spectacular! The wind never ceased to blow throughout our entire session and it couldn't have made me any happier. I love when the weather can't decide what she wants to be or do. It makes for the most marvelous outdoor experiences.


Giveaway Session

Every now and then I host a giveaway session as an attempt to "give back" to all of those amazing people out there who support me and my photography. This session was one of those giveaway mini sessions and, let me tell you, it was one for the books! This couple couldn't have been more gorgeous! 

They've been married for five years and have two little boys, but taking photos of them was as easy as taking photos of a giddy, newly-engaged couple. They were so in love! I think it's so important for couples to get photos done of just the two of them even after they've had children. It's important to document your love! Who knows how cherished those photos of your love will be once you've passed on from this life-- your children will hold them dear because those photos document you as you were: madly in love.

I was so grateful for the opportunity to work with these two and document their love for each other. It's honestly such a special opportunity I have as a photographer. I will always love getting to preserve little moments for people!


Summer's Seniors

This beautiful girl was a natural in front of the camera! I was so impressed with how confidently she carried herself-- that will be something that will help her excel as she leaps forward into her new college career. She's got big plans and I can't wait to see where they carry her. 

The sunshine during this session couldn't have been any lovelier. It was the perfect compliment to Summer's gorgeous hair and perfect outfits. I've said it before and I'll say it again: my seniors this year simply slayed! They wore the cutest clothes and were way cuter than I was when I was a senior. 

I love getting to work with seniors. I always forget how much I love shooting senior sessions until I'm in the middle of it and having the time of my life with these cute almost-high school graduates. I can't believe how long it's been since I graduated! Whenever people ask me what year I graduated, I swear it has only been a year, but I couldn't be more wrong about that (I graduated in 2013, for those of you wondering). Life happens fast! 


Brett + Emily

These two love birds grew up fifteen minutes away from each other... but ironically enough they didn't meet until they were both living in Nashville! She was attending school, he was working, and they were lucky enough to cross paths miles and miles away from where they grew up. They are getting married at the end of this summer and I couldn't be more excited for them. The love they share is so genuine and happy. Their life together will certainly be a life full of smiles and laughter.

We got up bright and early to catch the sunrise in the loveliest summer field I've ever seen. When we saw the sky turn from a shade of blue to an eruption of lovely oranges and pinks, we knew that we had made a good decision to shoot in the wee hours of the morning. 

There's something special about waking up before the sun. Everything is quiet and the world is still fast asleep. As the sun rises, so do the birds. They rise with ruffled feathers and sing the happy song of the morning. That's the cool thing about photographing love in beautiful places, the photos become more than just photos, they become experiences.


Zach + Aly

These two were high school sweethearts and now they're the happiest, cutest married couple I know! If you were to look up the term "power couple," you'd probably find a photo of these two in the definition (okay, that was incredibly cheesy but also incredibly true). I have so much respect for these two both individually AND as a couple. They really are some of the kindest and genuine people you will ever meet.

We did their session down at Little Sahara, where Aly grew up going every year since she was a kid. Seeing the look of pure excitement on her face when we pulled into the parking lot was one of the best moments of the shoot, honestly.

We decided to do this shoot on Easter weekend and didn't really think through the consequences of that decision. The dunes are PACKED during easter weekend! What usually takes us an hour to an hour and a half to get down there took us nearly two and a half hours! There were several routine alcohol checkpoints as well as the line to get into the park itself was a mile long. I started to get so nervous because I didn't think we'd get to the sand with enough time to shoot. But God is a God of miracles and somehow we managed to fit a full two-hour session's worth of work into about thirty-forty minutes. Unreal.

We collaborated with the ever so talented Ambit Wedding Films for this shoot. The video they came up with is honestly the most beautiful work of film I've seen in a while. Check that video out HERE! (No, seriously, click that link.)


Estelle's Seniors

One of my favorite types of sessions to photograph are senior sessions. Why? Because it's so much fun to get to photograph someone who is so excited for the next chapter of their lives! I love getting to ask them all sorts of questions about what their plans for college entail, what their favorite part of their senior year was, etc. Seniors are always so happy because they're so close to making the next big step in their lives.

I swear, seniors these days are a million times cuter than I was as a senior. I'd walk around wearing backwards hats and wolf themed t-shirts. These guys, however, already seem to have their whole lives figured out. Especially Estelle, she's adorable. And I want to steal her entire closet (you will too after seeing her outfits from this session). 


Corley + Arica

This pretty session took place just before the sun sunk behind the mountains in the distance. Its glorious, warm, golden light showered us with harsh perfection throughout this entire shoot. I used to be terrified of shooting in harsher light-- when I was younger, I had the idea stuck in my mind that ideal lighting conditions for shoots were overcast days. Now, however, I crave sunlight. It creates such magic behind the lens of the camera. Don't get me wrong, I love overcast days as well, but sunlight really encourages me to stretch myself and express myself creatively. The sun and I are friends.

The beautiful bouquet for this session was created by my talented friend, Ali, who is the talent behind Mauloa Florals. She created this entire arrangement from flowers she found in her backyard! And let me tell you, those blooms smelled fantastic. Make sure you take a gander at her work on instagram (@mauloaflorals)!


Chuck + April

This shoot started out incredibly hectic-- there was a storm rolling in through the dunes. Wind whipped across the sandy hillsides, picking up little grains of sand and spitting it in our faces and violently combing through our hair. The wind and sand beat upon our legs like a million little shards of glass. It was miserable but somehow also oh-so fun!

We ended up having to camp out in the car for half an hour or so with our fingers crossed that the storm would pass quickly and that the sun would come out to warm the sand. Just as we started to lose hope, the sun slipped through the grey haze and shone brilliantly down upon us. Sometimes Utah's bipolar weather can work out for the best (but as a photographer, most of the time it just makes things extremely inconvenient). 

Anywho, enjoy!

Styled Shoot | Kyle + Sylvia

This session was an absolute dream. The insanely beautiful floral arrangement was done by the one and only, The Potted Pansy. Her arrangements are some of my all-time favorites. She pours so much of who she is into what she creates and the end results are always so stunning. You'd be selling yourself short if you didn't take a minute (or a couple of hours) to browse through her images on Instagram-- you won't regret it!

Kyle and Sylvia, the lovely couple who modeled for this shoot, are getting married this month (June 2017)! We couldn't be more excited for them. They're so full of so much love, happiness, and positive energy. They simply radiate goodness. They met all the way across the world in Italy as they served together on an LDS service mission. They were really good friends upon returning home from their missions, but ultimately that relationship bloomed and blossomed into something more than friendship. Now they plan on taking on the world together as a couple! It was a blast getting to photograph them during this fun and exciting time in their lives.

I hope you enjoy these photos, they're some of my favorites! We shot at an old, abandoned grainery in the middle of a Utah desert. Every inch of the concrete walls were covered in graffiti. It was overcast when we first began, but eventually the sun made a vibrant appearance and danced along the horizon before falling into its night-time slumber. The light felt so warm and gentle upon our skin (seeing as it was still fairly cold outside when this shoot took place in March). 


Tanner + Tawnee

These two have been madly in love for the last seven years (and two years ago they sealed the deal with rings, cake, and all that other happy wedding stuff). At one point during our session, an elderly man walked past us and asked, "So, when's the big day?" they just smiled and said, "Two years ago! We're already married!" I love when married couples give off the engaged couple vibe; there's a certain sense of excitement and giddiness that follows an engaged couple. But, if you're like Tawnee and Tanner, that excitement and happiness follows you right into two years of marriage! They really are the sweetest people and they're even sweeter together. Enjoy!

Brandon + Heather

These two are a photography tag-teaming power couple! They run their own photography business together and they're some of the coolest people you'll ever meet. I met up with them one day to do a mini session and by the end of it all, my belly was aching because I couldn't seem to stop laughing the entire time! If you don't know these guys, you should. We shot at the Loft Studio in Lehi (which is one of my most-favorite studios I've ever shot at). Enjoy!

Zach + Ashley

These two were an absolute dream to work with. Shooting engagements in that awkward "end of winter but almost spring" time of the year can be hard because location wise, there's not a lot to choose from. But these two were open to various creative ideas regarding the location for their engagement photos. We ended up at the cutest little greenhouse and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

Both Zach and Ashley play on athletic teams at their college. They both had a fantastic sense of humor. And they were both so easy-going and happy. So our session ultimately turned into a really fun hang-out where we took pictures, cracked tons of jokes, and laughed until our bellies hurt. I cannot wait to work with these two more! Enjoy. 

Utah Lake Styled Shoot

This shoot was hands-down one of my all-time favorite shoots! I got to work with extremely talented people such as Sheer Rose Design (whose work with flowers always leaves me in complete AWE) and Chandler from Days of Chandler blog. I adore getting to work with other creatives because it pushes me to my limits and helps me try new things! 

We shot out on the frozen Utah Lake-- it looked like it belonged in one of the star wars movies! There were little mounds of ice that had been built up and the lake was iced over enough for us to walk right out onto it (we weren't even worried). It had been a pretty overcast day, but the sun poked out from behind the clouds right when we started shooting and it created the perfect, golden haze. When everything comes together perfectly like it did for this shoot, it's impossible to NOT get beautiful images. Enjoy!

Jake + Abby

Jake and Abby met back in high school but got married just this past year. They're honestly one of the most adorable, happy, and kind couples I've ever met! We met up at the mouth of the canyon and only had about forty minutes to shoot, but we made the most of what we had (and I must say, I am pretty happy with what we got)! It was easy to snap photos of them because they were literally glowing and they were 100% just happy to be together. This was such a cold day, but you never would have guessed it because of how warm and happy these two pretty people are (plus, they were good at keeping each other warm). Enjoy!