Dakota & Madison | formals

These two are some of the happiest people I've ever met! And when they're together, that happiness grows two-fold. It was a blast to get to see Dakota see Madison in her wedding dress for the very first time. His reaction was one that I'd never really experienced before; he nearly fell over, tilted his head towards the sky and just yelled before exclaiming, "DANG, MADDIE." She just laughed and jumped into his arms... and then they laughed together. Enjoy!

Laura & Evan | engagements

This engagement session spontaneously happened while I was on a trip down in St. George! The timing and everything just so happened to work out and I was happy because I ended up getting to meet this lovely couple. My favorite thing about this session was the fact that I showed up in a Star Wars T-shirt and Laura informed me that Evan was the world's biggest Star Wars fan! Which, of course, is fitting because he and Laura look like Finn and Rey from the newest Star Wars movie. Anyway, these two were a blast to work with! Enjoy.

Andrew & Muriel | wedding day

This day couldn't have been more beautiful! My favorite part of the day was when the groom complained when I pulled him away from his wife to take some shots of him and his groomsmen, "Aww.... can I like, NOT be away from her?" This was such a sweet celebration of love!

Casia | portraits

Casia and I met up in southern Utah for fun one evening-- it was the windiest day and the whole time we were shooting it was basically a sandstorm! The wind kept kicking up dirt into our eyes and mouths. Casia was such a trooper and despite the crazy weather conditions, she looked stunning the entire time.

Eric & Jessica | engagements

I met these two on the beach (or, as close as you can get to the beach in the middle of Utah). We wandered around (avoiding the summer bugs) and talked about how they met, their wedding plans, and anything else you can think of. Their love was so sweet and so gentle. It was a special honor to get to capture their love for them. 

Dakota & Madison | engagements

Don't even get me started about how cute these two are. We woke up at the crack of dawn to be up the canyon for the perfect morning light-- and it was so worth it! I loved getting to watch these two interact as they played together in the forest. I was just there to capture their moments, they did the rest. Love is really cool because it looks great on everyone. Enjoy!

taylor | senior

Taylor was so much fun to shoot with. She was bubbly and happy-- and it didn't take her long to feel comfortable in front of the camera. She was even willing to hike up a mountain with me after it had rained all day (so basically we were trudging through a bunch of mud) in order to get the perfect shot. Enjoy!

morgan | mini session

Morgan and I went out on a rainy afternoon adventure and stumbled upon this lovely hidden "rainforest" nestled within the heart of a bustling city. Morgan is one of the most genuinely happy people I've ever met. She always looks for the good in life and sees the best in the people who surround her. Because of that, she's beautiful both inside AND out. Enjoy!

kaitlyn | seniors

Meet Kaitlyn, a beautiful senior who graduates the end of this coming May! Not only is she beautiful, but she's incredibly talented as well. You could basically call her the "Horse Whisperer" because when it comes to horses, she's got the magic touch. She's a loving, caring, and wonderful person who loves to make other people happy. Congrats on your upcoming gratuation, Kaitlyn! 

megan & zach | couple

I got to spend a lovely morning with these two in their home. I'd never done an in-home shoot before this one, so it was definitely a learning experience. But it was such a cool thing to get to spend time with them in their own environment. Fun fact: these two have a chicken coop in their backyard so they have their own supply of fresh eggs. I can honestly say that they're two of the coolest people I know. Enjoy!

grant | seniors

For this shoot we actually met up at a location I've shot at a million different times... but we ended up in a little part of that area that I'd never actually been before. It's always fun to find a new little location to work with. It made taking pictures that much more fun. Grant is awesome and he had me laughing the whole time! Congrats on graduating! 

lauren | portraits

I got to team up with a couple of really cool people and work on this "product" shoot. We were experimenting with product photography and modeling and these photos are the result of our experimenting! Enjoy!

miles + mickelle | first look & formals

After working with these two on their engagement photos, I was beyond excited to meet them up in the lovely city of Logan for their formals. They're just so happy together and it's absolutely infectious. We ended up working around large crowds of people and interested weather... but in the end we had a lot of fun together and the photos turned out better than we'd hoped! Enjoy!

brianna & ian | engagements

My husband and I got to spend an evening up in Logan with these two-- and let me tell you, it was a gorgeous evening! The weather was perfect, the location was perfect, and these two were absolutely perfect. Brianna said she wanted me to be able to capture them as they really are-- "crazy and fun." It was a blast getting to work with them. They did all the work and I just pushed the buttons. Enjoy!

spencer & sherry | couple

I LOVED working with this couple! I've said it before and I'll say it again: it's so easy to take pictures of gorgeous people. It was a blast getting to know them and I was giddy the entire time I was working on editing their images. Loved this shoot-- I hope you do too! Enjoy.

miles + mickelle | engagements

Obviously it makes perfect sense to take a couch up into the mountains and casually lounge on it beside a beautiful reservoir, right? This shoot was an absolute blast! It was a chilly morning but thankfully warmed up a bit as the morning carried on. I couldn't get over how gorgeous the scenery was! And this couple too, obviously. Enjoy!

brianna | fashion shoot

This girl is so talented! At least a part of each outfit she wore was something found at a thrift store and made into her own designed piece of clothing! When she told me what she had started with as I stood there seeing the finished result I was utterly amazed. Seriously, this girl is awesome. Enjoy!

maicy + clint | bridals

Working with these love birds was an absolute dream! It's always fun to work with couples who laugh together. By the end of the shoot our fingers and toes may have been semi-frozen but it was easily worth it. Enjoy!

morgan | mini shoot

This shoot was an absolute blast! We started off with a time limit and no location-- but we drove real fast until we fount ourselves on a mountainside surrounded by cacti, nearly-barren trees, and a field of gold. It was awesome! Enjoy!

katie | mini shoot

Who would have thought an abandoned school and an old rusty washing machine could make the perfect setting for a mini shoot? It was a blast working with Katie! Our shoot only lasted for about half an hour, but we managed to get a whole collection of images that we adore! Enjoy!